Private Placement Programs


$5B to $500B

HSBC and Bank of China Account Holders pre approved.

Other banks accepted on a case by case basis.

90% to benifit of applicant.

2.5% Commission for consultants.


Traditional Program Description


100M to 10B Program for 40 Weeks

  • Lets the client keep their funds in their own bank account with a simple MT799 admin hold on the funds. Tier 1 top banks are OK.
  • Earnings per week discussed with trader or platform manager after passing compliance.


  • Complete a full KYC (signed in WET BLUE INK), and include a Proof of Funds that is not more than three days old.
  • After compliance is passed (5-7 business days or less), the platform will issue a contract that will include the remaining procedures, timing and projected returns.
  • No additional trade information will be released until the applicant has passed compliance.



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