A Private Investment Company

Coral Island Group, LLC is a Private Investment Company that has existing and ongoing relationships with bankers, institutional and private lenders, refineries, tier 1-3 traders, allocation, commitment, and title holders.


Coral Island Group provides financial services consulting on key strategic matters such as monetization of investment grade securities, sovereign debt liquidation, high yield private placement investment programs, bank instrument buy/sell programs, and historical bond redemption.


We provide long and short consulting for a small group of Institutional and Ultra High Net Worth Individual clients.

Coral Island Group may also manage and participate in public offerings and 144A private placements, equity and other securities worldwide.


Our corporate values include integrity, sound business principles and high ethical standards, independence, and transparency.


Private Placement Programs

The Applicant (Client) must be both the cash funds/asset owner and the account signatory of the custody bank account. Applicants are required to first submit a Know Your Client (KYC) compliance application to the Program Director for consideration. Second, after full documentation is received, authenticated and approved then a Contract or Recommendation(s) will be issued. Bank instruments must be fully cash-backed (or, in some instances, gold-backed) and lodged in the top 25 western european bank with full banking responsibility. No leased or “ALREADY blocked” instruments. Different considerations apply to MEDIUM TERM NOTES. We are able to trade against precious metal bullion (gold, silver, platinum), provided the assets are held in custody at top 25 bank or major international or private bank, with full banking responsibility. In other words, the bullion metal must be held within the banking system.

Refined Fuels

JP-54 2 million first lift then 5 mil per month

FOB Rotterdam

Price $-6 net to the buyer

Securities Monetization

Coral Island Group can facilitate the monetization of Treasuries, Tstrips, CD’s, BG’s, SBLC’s, MTN's, Bonds, and other financial instruments. This activity does not include asset back instruments. Client must submit CIS, Passport, Authorization to Verify, Screenshot of instrument, IMFPA and RWA Letter signed by two bank officers stating that upon approval for the loan, and signing of the contract that the Client’s Bank Officer is RWA to DELIVER the instrument via swift MT760.

Medium Term Notes

Fresh Cut and Slightly Seasoned (cash backed) Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Barclays, or Credit Suisse Senior unsubordinated bank debentures (MTN), subject to the Uniform Customs and Practices for Documentary Credits, ICC Publication 458/500/600 latest revision. 

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Coral Island Group is not a Licensed U.S. Securities Broker/Dealer.